What if…

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Song Music by Time
1) Intro E. Niko, D. Hason 00:27
2) The Cheater E. Niko, D. Hason, A. Levavy 03:08
3) It´s Your Money Honey E. Niko, D. Hason 02:51
4) Just Bonnie, No Clyde E. Niko, D. Hason, E. Frank 04:33
5) Hey Old Man E. Niko, D. Hason 03:03
6) A Fashion Tale E. Niko, D. Hason 03:11
7) Gods Made Love E. Niko, D. Hason 04:08
8) I Am Tired E. Niko, D. Hason 04:19
9) Pink Elephant E. Niko, D. Hason 03:49
10) Sorry E. Niko, D. Hason, A. Levavy 04:00
11) Moving On E. Niko, D. Hason, E. Frank 03:10
12) Bunny In Disguise E. Niko, D. Hason 04:49

Musical Production and Arrangements – David Hason
Mixing – Eli Pikover
Vocal Mixing and Mastering – Ronen Hillel
Recorded at David Hason Studio.
Lead & Back Vocals– Esther Niko
Drums & Percussion – David Hason
Bass Guitar – Songs 3,4,6,7 -Erez Frank. Song 11 David Hason
Guitar – Songs 2,10 Assaf Levavy . Songs 3,5,6,7,8,10,11 David Hason
Piano , Keyboards and Programing – David Hason
Flute – Martin Bosse-Platiere
Photography – Jette Stolte, Pictures 3,5,9,10,11,- Esther Niko
Artwork – Esther Niko, David Hason
Webdesign & Web Programing – Stephan Guenzel

Copyright © Esther Niko, David Hason 2014. All Rights Reserved.


Erez Frank, Assaf Levavy, Martin Bosse-Platière,
Eli Pikover, Ronen Hillel thank you for great performances,
ears and eyes and unbreakable musical passion.
Jette Stolte, Willy Kramer, Richard Lucchasi, Marc Scherer
and Stephan Guenzel.

Thanks guys for supporting with the little things,
that weren’t so little.

All families and friends that were involved with their moral
support, great judgement and loads of patience.
Special thanks to my family that always believed.
David Hason for being the most amazing musician, producer,
arranger, conductor (in every way), writer, friend & believer.
You are my rock. You made it happen.

And thank you to everyone who gave us a good feeling about
doing this, who shared their heart, soul and mind with us,
all the believers, the friends we have found through
working on this album, and to all musicians
that share the same dream .

We finally did it. Thank you all.